Enduro/X 7.0 Release

Riga, Latvia -- December 20, 2019 -- Mavimax Ltd announced release of Enduro/X 7.0 middleware. With this release significant development have been done for Java programming language support. Now process for Enduro/X can be written in C/C++, Go and Java. The system can be built as composite and interop between languages with help of XATMI interface. The IPC transport between these languages via XATMI is much more effective than for example rest services. Works done for Java comes in time when Java EE application server usages decline, due to their complexity. Enduro/X for Java comes in time, so that development in Java can be continued, in simpler, more efficient way. The components for Java are written as Plain Old Java Objects (POJO), where the Enduro/X manages multiple JVMs to provide multi-processing based containers. Basically manages the Java stand-alone executables, from which as usual whole XATMI system is built. To ensure process integrity, XA transactions are supported too, thanks to JDBC standards. Now all C/C++, Go and Java processes may operate in single distributed database transaction.

Other works that are made for this release include TMIB interface, which provides gathering statistics about the system for monitoring purposes. As the result, now NetXMS system monitoring suite can monitor the applications written for Enduro/X. This includes monitoring of client and server processes, services, cluster configuration and more.

Demonstration of the NetXMS capability:

Additional work has been done for XA transaction support. Enduro/X now ships the the XA driver for PostgreSQL database. PosgreSQL by it self supports two-phase commit, but it does not expose XA API. Thus Mavimax team has done investment in creating driver which emulates the XA API for PosgreSQL. Thus now this database can be fully used by enterprise solutions, even with mixing with Oracle DB and other databases for single atomic commit.

Enduro/X version for RHEL/Centos/Oracle Linux 8 is introduced. As usual release includes bug fixes, discovered in the development cycle. More information about release and all its details can be located at endurox.org.

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