Enduro/X 5.2 Release

Riga, Latvia -- December 22, 2017 -- Mavimax Ltd announced release of Enduro/X 5.2 middleware. Major work have been done on support for PCI/DSS mandatory configuration encryption. Now Enduro/X is capable of encrypt and decrypt sections of configuration file and other data. This allows to configure system with sensitive data in configuration files being encrypted. This Enduro/X version also introduces plugin architecture. So that software vendors may implement it's own algorithms for symmetrical encryption key storage.

Other changes include more streamline configuration handling, and for compliance with competitor software, tpconvert() XATMI call have been implemented. Actual bug fixes are made. All technical details about the release can be seen here endurox.org.

About Mavimax have made a lot research in application cluster processing and other real-time processing segments. Mavimax clients include banking, medicine, aerospace and defense industries. Many banks and their software vendors have trusted Enduro/X middleware for it's stability, performance and cost effectiveness.

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