Enduro/X 8.0 Release

Riga, Latvia -- January 28, 2022 -- Mavimax SIA announced release of Enduro/X 8.0 middleware. This version of Enduro/X introduces new features, performance improvements and better compatibility with competitor systems.

New features of the Enduro/X includes support for recursive UBF buffers, PTR and VIEW typed fields in UFB buffers. New API calls such as tpsetcallinfo() and tpgetcallinfo() has been added, which allows for the association of header information with standard XATMI calls. Network platform-independent cluster protocol has been documented, which now gives the possibility for third parties to implement fully featured alternative Enduro/X cluster node.

Mavimax constantly improves standards compatibility, and with this new version, Enduro/X ships with the tool for automatic configuration migration from Oracle Tuxedo to Enduro/X. Migration from competitor system to Enduro/X has not been simpler before. Now in a matter of seconds configuration files can be translated to Enduro/X format and the system can be booted straight away. The configuration migration tool supports the migration of the resource settings, clustering configuration, XATMI servers, groups, services, and routing configuration. Administrator guide has been provided for performing manual configuration migration from Oracle Tuxedo to Enduro/X.

Enduro/X version for IBM AIX 7.3 has been added to the release portfolio. For simplicity, versioning has been unified for released products, now endurox-java, endurox-go and endurox-connect package major and minor versions match the Enduro/X core version. As usual, the release has withstood hundreds of hours of testing on different platforms. A full list of technical aspects that have been changed in the release can be checked at https://www.endurox.org

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