Enduro/X 5.3 Release

Riga, Latvia -- March 23, 2018 -- Mavimax Ltd announced release of Enduro/X 5.3 middleware. Major work have been done on introducing new feature called Enduro/X Smart Cache. The exposed micro services now can be cached by means of administrative configuration. Once service is being called and configured cache rules are passed, then service results are written to cache. After this, further service calls does not make any IPC, but return results directly from shared memory. Thus avoid any messaging and service processing logic by it self. The cache on commodity CPUs shows that is capable of returning more than 800'000 service calls per second. The configuration includes different settings for cache, like life cycle limitations for records with different strategies. Strategies include space limits and time based expiry limits. Configuration also includes options for triggering cache invalidation based on certain rules. Cache support distributed operations, and results can be synchronized between cluster nodes. Enduro/X Smart Cache is built on top of the Lightning Memory-Mapped Database Manager (LMDB) library. LMDB is state of the art key-value database which is used in many prominent projects.

By using Enduro/X Smart Cache, the informative services can be cached, thus the customer solutions may perform multiple repetitive service calls without worry of performance degradation. Also in case if service takes a lot of processing time or there is long round trip for connecting to the third party systems via XATMI services, Smart Cache will greatly increase the solution throughput.

Other changes include bug fixes and additions to API for compatibility with competitor systems. All technical details about the release can be seen here endurox.org.

About Mavimax have made a lot research in application cluster processing and other real-time processing segments. Mavimax clients include banking, medicine, aerospace and defense industries. Many banks and their software vendors have trusted Enduro/X middleware for it's stability, performance and cost effectiveness.

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